Hello Everyone  -this month our theme was

Back to School  -

We had lots of reminiscing. stories about

Reading Writing and Arithmetic

Taught to the tune of the Hickey Stick

September   2017
Circle of Friends Lunch

Games we played  at recess

Marbles, hop scotch, jump rope, tether ball, tag, soccer, baseball,

and more.

And of course who could forget about the music at the school dances- Songs about first loves, school yard pranks, and lettered sweaters  

Here are few ...

We're going to be Friends,

School Days (When we were a couple of kids)

High school confidential

A teacher affects eternity:  he can never tell where his influence stops.         … Henry Adams

            In 1924, when I was 5, we lived on a farm.  I started school in the first grade because there was no kindergarten.

            It was a typical one-room school with grades one through eight.  But we had a way to communicate with the teacher that created little or no disturbance to the other pupils.

            If we wanted to get a drink of water from the big bucket in the cloakroom, we raised our hand with the forefinger up.

            If we had to visit the privy out back, we raised our hand with two fingers up.

            Three fingers was a request to use the pencil sharpener, and four asked permission to talk with another pupil, such as to borrow a pencil or a piece of paper.

            A raised hand with all five fingers up meant we wanted to ask the teacher a question, or that we knew the answer to a question.


A short story about school days in the 1920’s


Fingers Did the Talking