Aldor Acres 2018

It was a beautiful warm and funny day.  The Golden Daze Band For a little Halloween fun dressed for the occasion and changed its name to the 'Surrey Hillbillies'   Everyone at the farm was dressed for the event as well. The band entertained the crowds while they waited for the hay wagons to take them out to the pumpkin patches where they would be able to pick the perfect pumpkin to take home for craving.
The band was very popular and even had their picture taken with some fans.

Aldor Acres


We spent 2 days out at Aldor Acres -

The Farm was all decked out for the Fall Harvest and Halloween. 

Even thou the weather was a bit wet to say the least many folks came out to collect just the right pumpkin for taking home to carve.


 We enjoyed sing and playing for the folks well they waited for their hayride.  There was lots of hot chocolate or apple cider well some folks sang -a-long to our familiar tunes.

Stormin Norm sings The Monster Mash